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QX has worked with some of UK’s biggest NHS trusts, GPs and private healthcare providers, offering payroll and finance and accounts services. Building on the in-depth understanding of the UK healthcare industry and NHS requirements, we developed a Compliance Management System that helps manage doctors’ details and documents, while enforcing compliance.

The Compliance Management System allows healthcare recruitment agencies and trusts to manage doctors and their documents/compliance requirements. A glance at the dashboard shows which workers are in compliance and which ones are not. It is easy to keep the system up-to-date with new legislations by adding fields related to newer requirements. Automatic reminders to relevant users ensure that compliance risks are dealt with on time.

While the system is built specifically for doctors, it is easily configurable; we can help you fulfil any compliance management needs by setting up a bespoke solution on the basis of your unique regulatory and compliance challenges.

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Key Features

effective dashboard
Effective dashboard

A sleek, simple and intuitive dashboard empowers the authorised user to access data for any roles in an instant. Reports in the form of graphics enable you to get a detailed overview for user groups or individuals.

advanced search
Advanced search

Advance search facility allows the users to search from the database for various customizable categories, e.g. grade, specialty, status, etc. It is easy to print or share the search results with other authorised users in just a few clicks.

role-based content management
Role-based content management

The ‘Admin’ user can create and configure roles for a wide range of users, and integrate this feature with incoming emails. Data from emails is automatically and securely added to the right user, saving time and reducing chances of error.

intuitive user management
Intuitive user management

Admins with rights in the application can add, remove, and edit users and permissions with ease. The intuitive interface is created for use by non-technical users and the user requires only basic understanding of computers.

easy editing
Easy editing

The system allows admins to break PDFs and other documents into single page or split pages and place them into relevant documents. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for creating documentation.