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QX Purchase Order System was born out of real business needs. We offer accounts payable services to some of the biggest student accommodation, healthcare, recruitment and accountancy firms. Most of our clients deal with procurement requests, orders, authorizations, delivery confirmations, purchase invoices and more. Orders are usually placed by exchanging emails within the organisation and with suppliers and sent for approval. Our Purchase Order System was created to automate the manual processes and resolve issues associated with this function.

This solution, which can handle orders from multiple sites, helps organizations to automate the ordering process, improve order tracking, generate accurate reports, simplify budget allocation, and create an audit trail. It can be tailored and integrated with existing applications to maximise your benefits from it. You can expect the following benefits by implementing our Purchase Order System:

  • 100% order confirmation as both vendor and employee receive copies for the order cycle
  • 0% invoice discrepancy and duplicate orders almost totally eliminated
  • Up to 50% reduction in the processing costs
  • Spend fewer hours on purchase approval and reconciliation
  • Secure internet-based application with auto back up facility
  • Increased purchase order accountability through better reporting
  • Better visibility in transactional data and approval history
  • Improved budget management through quick and easy visibility of cash flow

Key Features

multiple approval system
Multiple approval system

Quick and easy online approval system for purchase orders. It provides a multiple-authorisation feature that emails relevant authorisers for approval when a purchase order is created or updated.

multiple locations
Multiple locations

Manage multiple locations, with different rules, users and costs from a single, centralized system. Create separate budget allocations and reports for each location. Control access according to location and roles.

user management
User management

Manage multiple users from one dashboard. Add and remove users or modify user details with ease. The administrator can easily set up user roles for specific system modules.

modular integration
Modular integration

Direct integration of the Purchase Order System with your ERP and existing applications for ordering, accounts payable, data entry. This leads to seamless and automated flow of data.

vendor prepayment
Vendor prepayment

Vendor prepayment functionality lets you pay for purchases before you receive the inventory. Easily create prepayment invoices and define prepayment on the system to track prepayments.

supplier management
Supplier management

Add, remove, edit and manage all supplier details with ease. Define payment terms for individual suppliers in the module. View supplier profiles and monitor supplier performance at a glance.


We can tailor the PO template to match with your existing processes and branding. You can also set specific currencies for different sets of suppliers. The solution will automatically calculate prices based on set currency rates.

budgeting module
Budgeting module

The PO System handles data for a year-wise budget. It is very easy to create reports and extract data for preparing your annual budget.

attractive dashboard
Attractive dashboard

The system comes with an attractive dashboard that enables administrators and users to intuitively find, add and edit relevant information.