IT infrastructure

Avaya telephony
Excellent voice and
data transfer quality
Video conferencing facility
Covered by the UK Data
Protection Act 1998
UK & US phone and fax
numbers, dial to desk
(low-cost telephony)
On-shore and off-shore centres
connected by International
Private Leased Circuit (IPLC
leased lines)
65,000 square feet
ready-to-use office space
Dell, IBM, HP servers
and computers

Independent leased lines
Secure client login
Firewall defences
Disabled USB ports
Daily internal data back-up
Closed-circuit television cameras
Continuously monitored web access
Internal server backup
24/7 manned entry points

Information security

Authorised staff, must pass biometric systems
Anti-virus/Spam/Spyware manager
Limited internet access unless there’s a process requirement
Availability of alternate hardware resources
Staff awareness programme and training
Encryption for both transfer and storage of data