Key features

Easy set up
Manage multiple users from one dashboard. Add and remove users or modify user details with ease. The administrator can easily set up user roles for specific system modules.
Private and secure
The software will run on your system and the data will not be shared with any applications except the ones you choose. The information parsed will stay secure and private.
Filter emails
Process only the emails and attachments that are relevant. Easily filter and ignore emails on the basis of sender, location, subject, date, and other criteria.
Email alerts
In case the tool is not able to parse data due to discrepancy in the source email, you will instantly receive an email alert notifying failure. You can also choose to enable or disable process success alerts.
Parse attachments
In addition to the data in the email body, the software can also be configured to parse the data in email attachments. The data can be sent for further processing to other applications, or saved in spreadsheet files.
Dashboard and reports
Monitor the progress of email parsing in real time, at various levels and for various processes, through an intuitive and attractive dashboard. Generate reports instantly with just a few clicks.
Reduce time spent on job posting by up to 70% Runs as a background services and requires no monitoring Ideal for processes that require to extract high volume of data from emails
Rapid relay of vacancy information to consultants Extracted data is automatically sent to selected database / applications Works on your system – data doesn’t pass through any third-party app
Real time email alerts in case of parsing failure Insightful reports allow monitoring in real time Can be configured to parse data from attached files
  • Recruitment
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics & delivery
  • Digital & communications
  • Real estate
  • Tourism
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