How a simple software can skyrocket the productivity of your recruitment team

posted by >Jignesh, July 24 ,2016

Recruiters deal with mountains of data from end clients and from potential candidates. Several recruitment processes rely on extracting job details for dozens of positions from emails or attachments. This can be a rather repetitive and mind-numbing process, which often paves the way for errors resulting from inaccurate data entry. And when you are dealing with recruitment of temporary staff, the amount of copy-pasting required is multiplied.

In their quest to streamline this process, most agencies with mature recruitment processes require candidates to share their information in a specific format. When the data is processed and forwarded to the end clients, it is again delivered in a specific format preferred by the clients. Many recruitment firms rely on web forms with set fields to gather and share such data.

Email parsers go one step ahead and strike at the root of the problem, eliminating the manual copy-pasting of the data by automating the extraction and aggregation of key details from various sources and automatically inputting them in the CRM, Excel sheet or any other system in use. Let’s take a closer look at what needs to be done to automate the entire process:

  • Configure the email parser to understand your data by mapping fields with relationship; for e.g., fields like name, qualifications, rates, experience, specialisation, etc. can be mapped
  • The tool can easily be customised to extract the data in the format of your choice – is it easy to create custom parsing rules and output formats
  • The data is automatically sent to the database and is ready for further processing – it can be easily integrated with other applications for further automation

A real-life example: How a recruitment firm moved from manual copy-pasting to automation

One of our clients specialises in providing temporary staff to the NHS and private healthcare practices in the UK. They make thousands of placements every month, for which the recruiters need to trawl through a large volume of job requests sent by healthcare providers.

Typically, a healthcare agency shares a large number of details for urgent openings with the recruitment agency. Different healthcare companies share information in unique formats – there is no standardisation. Working manually, the recruiters are forced to copy the information from the emails and create job posts based on the data in one format. As you can imagine, with heavy workloads, this manual method doesn’t only cause tedium but also leads to a number of errors. It also slows the process down – a big issue when you are trying to reach out to candidates for temporary staffing requirements.

By configuring our email parser software, understanding and mapping the data fields and customising the output format, we were able to automate the entire process. Now, the recruiters simply need to select the format they want the output data in, and the tool instantly does what’s needed.

Is manual email-to-database copy-pasting wearing you down? Why not automate it?

Are your recruiters also bogged down by the daily grind of copying and pasting? Does this sound like something that can make your life easier? We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and explore with you the potential benefits of an email parser software for your team.