How outsourcing can give a big boost to your software product development project

posted by >Admin, January 25 ,2017

Taking a concept and transforming it into a product is an exhilarating experience, but the road from idea to completion is bumpy. Whether you are a product manager in an ISV, a start-up, or a product development entrepreneur, there are many hurdles on the way to building a successful software product:

  1. Conduct market research and validate the concept 
  2. Build a prototype that can work as a tool to get investment 
  3. Get stakeholder buy-in and raise the cash to get the project started 
  4. Manage the expectations and motivations of the various teams working on the project – sales, design, development, etc. 
  5. Make course corrections and manage change as you revisit decisions
  6. Keep the cost of development within budget – really difficult when you are building the product for a dynamic market and have to respond to the challenge of competition 
  7. Conduct function testing, usability testing, and acceptance testing to deliver a perfect product – while striving to meet the deadlines 
  8. Ensure that the product is delivered on schedule and on budget 
  9. Market the product well and get customers fast to realise the ROI 
  10. Continuous support and maintenance for the product to ensure that it stays relevant to the market 

The above challenges, when combined, can often appear unsurmountable, especially when you are short-handed and simply do not have the resources to meet the set deadlines. A helping hand would be welcome, but that means that you will overshoot the budget. In such circumstances, outsourcing the backend development for your software product can help ease the burden. If you are able to find a reliable development partner, the following benefits follow:

1. Reduced cost of software development 
Offshore locations like India, China, the Philippines, and Indonesia are teeming with IT talent. Compared to in-house employees, offshore resources are available at a significantly lower rate. In addition to this, you also save on the infrastructure and associated overhead costs that come with hiring new in-house staff. 

Instead of making do with a junior developer, you can hire experienced resources for your project and still benefit from cost savings. The maturity of development practices and the skill of resources varies by the region and so it is best to analyse cost vs. ability – instead of jumping for the cheapest option. Remember, you save money only if you get quality work at reduced rates. 

2. Shorten product development cycles 
When your product development team doesn’t have specialist resources, the time-efficiency of the project is compromised. Often, in small software development companies or departments, the lack of resources places the burden on a single developer, or a small team. Hiring a new resource simply wouldn’t make sense as the requirement is for a short and limited duration. 

With outsourcing, it is possible to hire specialist talent on flexible conditions. This gives your team an easy access to experts and helps shorten the product development cycles. At the same time, your offshore partner is bound to deliver to the SLAs. As the SLAs are mandatory, you can be sure that the development will be done on time. 

3. Freedom to focus on innovations 
Often, product innovators are bogged down by their routine tasks. Coding, customer support and deployments can eat up a large chunk of your day. By setting up an outsourcing team, you can delegate all the routine and tedious tasks to the offshore team. This frees up a lot of time that you can invest in ideas for new products or for new features for your existing product. Needless to say, for this to work you require an offshore partner that you can depend on. 

Summing up 
Software product development outsourcing offers tantalising rewards – rapid turnarounds, lower costs and easy access to experts. However, in order to reap these benefits, it is essential to hire software developers from a reliable source. 

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