Software development services for finance & accounting

We offer end-to-end application lifecycle development services for accounting processes. Working closely with the end client, we can develop and implement software that can help automate and streamline various accounting functions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit control management reporting, statutory compliance and payroll.

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Software products for finance & accounting

In addition to delivering applications for clients, we have also developed specific software products that help automate payments, improve internal collaboration, and manage compliance. Some of our core products include:

PO system

A modular, configurable system that can help automate manual ordering and payments processes and help businesses improve speed and accuracy of the accounts payable function. A special expense management module streamline expense reimbursement and reporting. Easy to use and implement, our PO system is ideal for businesses that want to streamline the ordering process, gain business insights through automatic reports, and simplify budget allocations. Implement the full system or just select the modules that you need the most.

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Company Intranet

Out-of-the-box company intranet that can be configured to satisfy the specific needs of your business. Designed for use by accounting professionals with limited technological know-how, this system works an easy and effective conduit for sharing information, managing compliance for your employees and boosting employee engagement.

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Why choose QX Software Services

Industry expertise
We understand accounting process, compliance requirements, and regulatory requirements and we are able to create software that resolves the real problems that accounting and payroll professionals face.
Developers you can rely on
Our experience, trained and certified developers can work hand-in-hand with you to understand and translate requirements into effective software.
Cost efficiency
With QX Software, you get access to professional and reliable .NET developers at significantly lower rates. Our quality services help you reduce development costs by 40-60%
Scalability and flexibility
We offer a wide range of engagement models – monthly, project-based and block of hours. Scale up the number of developers at short notice in response to the peaks and troughs in requirements
Infrastructure and security
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures easy communication and seamless transfer of data and ideas; our security systems mitigate any risk of breaches.
Seamless integrations
Our products and the customised applications that we build for you can be easily integrated with major accounting, payroll and enterprise software like Merit, Sage and others.
Looking for custom software services and solutions that help you reduce cost and drive business efficiency?

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